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Common Italian Slang

I'm curious to learn, what are some common Italian slang sayings?


For example, in the U.S. it is common for someone to describe something they think is excellent or very good as cool.    Esempio: "He has a cool car." o "Your shoes are really cool."


Here's a list of 279 more of them:





So John, did you find any lists in Italian? Slang is tricky as it can be rude, or go out of fashion etc. But yes, 'non-classroom' language is essential! :)


Here in Italy there are hundreds of different dialets and so a lot of people from different regions use in their italian speaking many words that come frome dialets. I live in Milan, a big city where there isn't a used dialet but i'm sixteen so we use to communicate each other at school words that adults can't even understand, and yes they're quite rude ! Here some exemples: Bella also means ciao, preso bene/male means happy or sad, sbatti is very used and means getting bored, ci sta means that's ok and so on... i don't like use this kind of words but if you want to know more about italy please feel free to contact me ;) ! I'd be very glad :)

The very common world to say "cool" is figo/a. It' s very used and it's not formal at all



some links:


Hi John,


I like to listen to this friendly polyglot guy from Italy who explains some parolaccie to us:


By the way, he mostly does videos about other topics, also some very nice ones about how to learn a language in a good and natural way...

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