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in your opinion,is mathematic difficult? :)



I would say it depends on the viewpoint. Math is universal it's the same everywhere so in that sense it's easy or convenient. As for myself yes I do find math difficult.


I think Maths is great because there's always a correct answer and a clear logical way to arrive at it. Everyone agrees on the answer and it can be proven. So to me it is easy.

Math was so easy until they decided to mix the alphabet in it.


Apart from joke maths is very easy and interesting subject if you know the formulas and logic.



math is a way of thinking , if you know the basics and you are intelligent then it will be easy for you

i'm not really good in math but i always try to improve and i did

Bruce, 1/4 means 1 is divided by 4. You can imagine it like this: Take a pizza and cut it into four equal pieces. If you take one (1) piece out of four (4) pieces it is denoted by 1/4 (one out of 4).

Similarly, 1 (whole pizza) can be written as: 1/1 (take one piece out of one piece), 2/2 (make two pieces and take two pices) or 3/3 and so on. So in each case it is the whole of pizza you are taking. Interesting, isn't it? 

About Axioms, my understanding is that these are assumptions and we accept these without proofs (Just like in religion there is an assumption that there is a God, we accept it without asking for proof and then the whole religion is based on this and more axioms). Then we build up mathematical theory on the basis of axioms. Everything in mathematics is proved with the help of already proved "proofs" or axioms.

There are three kinds of people:  those who find math easy, and those, like me, who find it difficult.

Bruce: "bottom number (denominator) will be divided INTO the top number (numerator)"

I think it is the other way round. That is why I explained it to you :)

My answer is yes, mathematics is hard - but not high school mathematics which is just learning a whole lot of rules and applying them like a machine. Mathematics at the research level is VERY hard, and I say this as a former mathematician. There are unsolved problems today which have been outstanding for hundreds of years and the best minds have not been able to make much headway against them. You may have heard of Fermat's Last Theorem which was finally solved late last century (by Andrew Wiles) after more than 300 years with the accumulated help of many brilliant minds before him. If you wanted to understand this proof you would need to undergo at least one or two years of rigorous mathematical training before you would be in a position to do so (assuming you are starting from high school level). But, to quote John Kennedy, we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard.

If I see a person who loves Math and says that it is easy, I'll want to open his head and look how his brain works !

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