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What is love?

What is love for you? What does it mean?



i  know,i  believe god


And other meaning just to me

Love is the feeling you have when you eat too much chocolate

I'm serious,I don't know!

Till now people can't make a definition for love. Someone tells, that love is the most amazing feeling of all... In my opinion is love is the life power... It makes us to commit good acts, sometimes a bit crazy, gives us the opportunity for spiritual growth... Only love can make us happiest and unhappiest... I'd say, it makes us more stronger if we are able to stand all its tests... Only this feeling allow us feel all "colours of life"...

it is difficult to talk about love because love is a lot of things.well, you may love your job, you may love your music, you may love your mom, and you may love somebody. and we say to all this things love, in greek there are 4 different kinds of love (I don't remember the exactly number) so I did my own different loves, here I go LOL:

1 the love you feel about something, like food, a car, music etc....

2 the love you feel about somebody because of a normal relationship like your mom, your father, your friends etc....

these 2 are simple, but to give a good explanation of the next ones I need to base my definition on the science, so based in the science love is: "chemical reaction of the brain " which may be longer and stronger depending of the way of love so based in that I defined the next ones:

3 the quick love, the love which is not special and the love which does not last

the 4th and the 5th are the same love, the difference between them is just the duration 

4 strong love when you give all for somebody and you really really love him/her and is the only person you would like to be with. but in this 4th love the love doesn't last and the fire is extinguished

5 the same love as the 4th one but in this one the love lasts

that's how I define love ;)

I don't want to love nor to be love if it will the cause of pain.. It's better not to be happy if the payment is to be lonely in the end.

" Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness " . . . Oliver Wendell Holmes.

in short love means "Sacrifice"

a person who can sacrifice his wishes and own ambition to fulfill his/her partner wishes and do everything to make her happy is love.

unconditional love is real love.. love does not mean to get someone.. but real mean is to fulfill the

dreams of our love one.. nd do everything for her single smile..

love have infinite meaning.. the whole universe is bound with love.. :)

Baby don't hurt me... Don't hurt me... No more!

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