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Recognise the power of a hug ? and How to be caring about some one ?

Recognise the power of a hug. Sometimes people will need a hug without even realizing it. Tell the person you care about how much they mean to you exactly and why you need them in your life and that you love them. It might seem so little to us, but to the person it can mean so much and can speak volumes on just how much we want that person in our life.


In order to be caring to others you must be caring to yourself. Once you have yourself taken care of, you are better able to care for others.


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A hug is the face of love. It means you are taking care  of a person. in my life, there are some important people with me. I do not know who is the best important. They make me happy. It is the reason to hug them whenever I am happy, bored, tired...


It's very hard, when you can't hug that person, which is loved by you... and which is so far away from you...

Thanks Hoan for comment 

Thanks Anastasiya for ur comment but you are speaking about people in love with you but what about people whose not in love but they need you as a friend or close person to them

Thanks shill66 , but i think you speak from medically side only


Hugs are powerful without a doubt, i think one of the most beautiful human ations. It feels good to give and receive a warm pure hug, can make a difference in a day. Hugs to everyone!

Nice words Beverly thanks

But also

Sometimes we like to talk about ourselves ALL the time; for once, just listen, other people have problems too. It's also good to give them feedback after listening and tell them how their problem might be solved

see MUNNA bhai MBBS movie and also lage raho munna bhai bolliwood movies .. it is the best example of power of hug :) even you learn many lessons nd that change your views and perceptions :)


Thanks Sumit , i will try 

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