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Do you believe in love? If you do, how much do you believe in it ?

Do you believe in love? And How much do you believe it?  If you get painful experience in love, will you still believe in it? And how much then? Is it stupid if someone believe in it 100%? 



I believe power of love, it made me smile over the preriod of time when he was next to me, and it also made me cry too much when he broke up me. So sad.


Love can make you happy and make you depressed. So I think that love power is so strong :D.

I just wrote something about love in a different discussion so I will copy and paste to explain what I think of love and after I will give my answer, so that's what I wrote:

[it is difficult to talk about love because love is a lot of things.well, you may love your job, you may love your music, you may love your mom, and you may love somebody. and we say to all this things love, in greek there are 4 different kinds of love (I don't remember the exactly number) so I did my own different loves, here I go LOL:
1 the love you feel about something, like food, a car, music etc....
2 the love you feel about somebody because of a normal relationship like your mom, your father, your friends etc....
these 2 are simple, but to give a good explanation of the next ones I need to base my definition on the science, so based in the science love is: "chemical reaction of the brain " which may be longer and stronger depending of the way of love so based in that I defined the next ones:
3 the quick love, the love which is not special and the love which does not last
the 4th and the 5th are the same love, the difference between them is just the duration
4 strong love when you give all for somebody and you really really love him/her and is the only person you would like to be with. but in this 4th love the love doesn't last and the fire is extinguished
5 the same love as the 4th one but in this one the love lasts
that's how I define love ;)]

ok, if you read this you now understand what I think about love. I don't think it is stupid to believe in love, love is great (if you understand it) it is stupid when you are not looking for the same kinda love of your parnter (like you think in 3th love and your parnter thinks in 5th love or viceversa) but I do think it is stupid to belive in love with a parnter who does not want what you want. so everything depends of the person you're loving...

yes ........I belive in true love 101%.

I just realize unconditional love is not true because love demands a love and expectation in exchange. No one can give 100% love because they always left something for themselves.

if you believe in love or not,
if you have a painful experience in love or not,
you won't can protect yourself from falling in love,


unexpressive..nd impressive :)

Yeah! I believe in love very much. Especially in the morning. And my girlfriend likes it too.

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