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"progress" in China.

I have seen in the news media, that 15 years ago Beijing streets were full of bicycles. Now, they're full of automobiles. Surely there is someone on Italki who has an opinion about this. My dad: "the Chinese are making the sames mistakes we (Americans) made 45-50 years ago. Once they see the consequences they're going to regret it". Am I repreating myself? Did I write this before? Good.



Have you ever regreted it seeing the consequences you are facing?

Yes, many times. 

I want one of those 'flying pigeon' bikes, even though I think they are only single-speed or three-speed.

Hi, Alex, I fully agree with you. There are too many cars on road, even no place to park. That's one of the reason for me to sell out my car 2 years ago.  I also consider that's one of the key factor to cause heavy haze in Beijing. It's highly regrettable that some people of Beijing don't seem to be aware of it we face.

yeah~china is developing . but environment is always ignored 

Hi, Shill66, “短和薄“ are not the best adjective words to describe person in Chinese. Maybe you can say “小巧”.  Thanks.

yes, there are always too many cars in streets and people always get traffic jam. So sometimes riding bike is faster than driving car and is green. 

hi, shill66, you maybe want to express that most of Chinese are not very tall. But "大部分中国人都很小" is wrong. It means they are young. You should translate like this"大部分中国人个子都很小".

And about the second sentence, you maybe want to say"大部分的美国人都胖,他们需要大一点的汽车".

Big cars = Large displacement car???? 


I don't know exactly how or where China's cities are growing, but perhaps the Chinese govt. should send some of their best and brightest urban planners to Pheonix (Arizona), Atlanta (Georgia), and Los Angelos (California) and then contrast them with Dutch cities, parts of Philadelphia, parts of New York, maybe some cities in China or other places in the world.  

Also: see how many Americans have been killed in car crashes since, idk, 1950 or so. And Obesity rates, hyper-tension, heart disease, etc. 

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