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Live together before getting married??

Is it better to live together with your bf/gf in one house before getting married or is it more better get married first before living together? hmmm Is it much better just have a live-in relationship why spend lot of money on wedding ceremony and eventually spend lot of money again for a divorce?



I suppose that if people have enough money to live together, that have ability to get married. Why do they always say about huge ceremony that costs a lot? If u don't want to do it with huge amount of relatives, just arrange the wedding together on the coast in the great country like Cuba. It's quite intimate event, u don't need other people. But if one partner don't want to get married, cos he is still not sure about this decision, he starts talking about money and so on. And I agree with Tom in question of religion, of course)

Poor Tom, he was just saying well-meaning words. I agree with Skolopendra, it's a quite intimate event, you don't need the big weeding hassle.

Jacky, if u don't think that marriage and religion are related, it's ur own opinion and choice. But every person who believes in God (it doesn't have any meaning, which God) supposes the marriage to be saint, and it's great!) U accuse Tom of obtrusion of his attitude to religion and do the same.  

Sorry,what? I can't believe that u do really think so and see things soo.

Some years ago in Spain was more typical to first get married and then live together, but this situation has changed. Now less people is getting married, so couples move together and after a few years if they continue being happy together and they have enough money they will finally marry.

I don't want to live together first before marriage because of the following reasons below:


1.) Here in my country most of people who live together don't end up in marriage. it's either they broke up or end up of having no plan to marry.

2.) When their partner die the other one will not have any benefit because they are not legally married.

3.) when they broke up people will say they broke up because their relationship was not blessed.

4.) When the other have 3rd party you can't sue them.

5.) When problem rise up it is easy to decide to separate because we don't have marriage commitment.

Hey, haters came and voted everything down :D If u don't want to live God's way, don't live, where is the problem? I don't suppose that it's ok when girls has many men in her life, but I don't claim such girls to be something bad or unnormal, it's CHOICE. It sems that u have some problems with religion, or why do u still discuss it? We were going discuss marriage, as far as I remember. 

Anyway, why we should follow Amul's word? :D Why does he have authority? :D Let's start asking people on the streets and quoting them here:))

Unfortunately government has hijacked marriage and made it an ever evolving contract. It can change at the will of government without the consent of the people who are contractually obligated. People who were married in the 70s agreed to the marriage when a divorce would result in equal treatment of both parties. If the marriage ends now, the couple is subject to modern unfair obligations, and not those that applied when the marriage took place. If the bank could change your contract without your consent would you want to sign? Marriage has been pretty much ruined by government in the US. The consequences are just too high. Still, most of us like the idea of being in a complete relationship, and want marriage. So there is no other choice than to learn as much about your partner before marriage so not to make a huge mistake that costs your entire future.


I would like to live together first as a trial period to know if we will be able to when we are married. Hehehe That's just my personal preference though.

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