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Live together before getting married??

Is it better to live together with your bf/gf in one house before getting married or is it more better get married first before living together? hmmm Is it much better just have a live-in relationship why spend lot of money on wedding ceremony and eventually spend lot of money again for a divorce?



If you live together in one house, you will get to know your partners irritating habits. In Europe it's a custom to first go and live in one house before getting married. Actually it's strange if one does not. Otherwise you will find out that having your partner around you 24 by seven, makes you nuts, but then you are already married. Divorce, money gone, loads of troubles with lawyers.

I suppose that if people have enough money to live together, that have ability to get married. Why do they always say about huge ceremony that costs a lot? If u don't want to do it with huge amount of relatives, just arrange the wedding together on the coast in the great country like Cuba. It's quite intimate event, u don't need other people. But if one partner don't want to get married, cos he is still not sure about this decision, he starts talking about money and so on. And I agree with Tom in question of religion, of course)

If you live with your partner, you'll learn more about them and therefore have a better idea of whether marriage is right or not. As for the marriage and ceremony, neither are necessary but each to their own.


P.S. Tom's comment makes me want to make multiple accounts just to give it the thumbs down I think it deserves.

...and I didn't by the way. :)

No, Matt, I have, well just once with my own account. I don't like it when I have to hear religious preaching in a not really related subject. Many people don't believe in your God Tom! Let them be. Oooh... Seems I am not the only one though, it went down from plus two to minus two in about ten minutes.

Poor Tom, he was just saying well-meaning words. I agree with Skolopendra, it's a quite intimate event, you don't need the big weeding hassle.

Jacky, if u don't think that marriage and religion are related, it's ur own opinion and choice. But every person who believes in God (it doesn't have any meaning, which God) supposes the marriage to be saint, and it's great!) U accuse Tom of obtrusion of his attitude to religion and do the same.  

But this is a place to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living together before marriage. We want to hear people's opinion, possibly with their own personal experiences or some online source supporting any claim. Tom doesn't add anything to this discussion. His thoughts aren't his own. He's merely repeating what he's been brainwashed into believing. No matter which answer he gave, it is as meaningless as if I were to get my answer from shaking a Magic 8-Ball.

Sorry,what? I can't believe that u do really think so and see things soo.

Some years ago in Spain was more typical to first get married and then live together, but this situation has changed. Now less people is getting married, so couples move together and after a few years if they continue being happy together and they have enough money they will finally marry.

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