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there are really love or not?




Hi Ahmad. Do you mean to ask "Is there really love?" or "Does love really exist?" 


For me, yes there is and it exists. Love can vary from one person to person, nationality to nationality, gender to gender and more. Love is something that people can't really explain but most people enjoy the feeling of loving and being loved.


How about you? 

In my opinion, love doesn`t consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. I believe that true love exists forever.

if you believe that there is real love , there is real love .if not , there isn't

I am a firm believer in the true feeling of loving and being loved.

Yes. When it's real it lasts forever and it's the one thing worth truly fighting for.    

But nothing lasts forever,guys...

I think there is real love ,i am wating for it

Good luck,tiantian:)

In your age I was waiting as well

Of course I believe in love.Its great power can change the world without exaggeration!!!

To make it accurate I have to say I always don't really believe real love exists. My world view was built since I was a kid, by modern science, which is considered by many romantic guys as evil.


But after years of painful researching of "the truth" and try to find the inner peace, my current conclusion is the only way to believe in love is to be merciful and realize that the final solution to this problem is Humanism.


Very happy to say I'm not an extreme nationalist any more.

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