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Your Favorite character of Mahabharat

Which is/are your favorite characters of Mahabharat? 


My fav Characters(In Descending odrer) are- Karna, Krishna, Vidhur, Bhishma, Duryodhan and Shakuni. 





My favourite characters from Mahabharata are Bheeshma, Krishna and Karna. I like Bheeshma for his great sacrifice to fulfill his father's desires, his fighting skills and his impartiality towards Kauravas and Pandavas.


I like Krishna because of his humanly behaviour (thought he is the God), his never-ceasing support to Pandavas, his timely help to Draupadi, his cunningness while protecting Pandavas, and his teaching to Arjuna, which was later known as "Bhagvadgita" and which has been a source of knowledge and wisdom for people all over the world.


I like Karna for his never-ending support to Duryodhan through thick and thin, his fighting skills and his denial of accepting supreme power even after knowing that he is the eldest Pandav.

"Now I am become death , the destroyer of worlds"

That's about all I know about the Mahabharat.

I think you are confused with "Ku***N because only islamic terrosist kill themselve to kill others!! 

Wow , slow down there ! I didn't mean to say anything about your culture! All I meant is that this is the only passage of the Mahabharat that I know! Not meaning anything offensive! And it turns out I was mistaken there too , the passage is from the Bhagavad Gita :


Take it easy , I have nothing against you!

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