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about sunshine :)

Do you enjoy sunshine? what benefits can people get from sunshine?



I love sunbathing during the summer, and I really miss the sun's warmth during the winter :( Exposure to the sun also helps your body produce vitamin D. Here in Sweden, the days are very long during the summer and very short during the winter, so a lot of people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In the north of Sweden (above the Arctic circle) it is even more extreme, where you can experience the midnight sun (the sun doesn't set during the summer) and polar night (the sun doesn't rise during the winter).

I suffered greatly from SAD when I was younger. 

I just can't imagine living in a place where there is no sun.

Sunshine is a great source of energy , scientists should work on improving solar panel technology.

When westerners come to my country , they become red due to exposure to sun , then they obtain a bronze-like tan through the use of creams designed for this effect. it appears that they like it. Ironically , people here tend to like white skin and avoid having the sun rays touch them.  (by people I mean mainly women)

It souns very nice~~ I really miss the sunshine during this cold winter! :(

you'll get any vitamin to make you healthy

Oh, well, maybe you can listen some cheerful music when sunbathing, I'm sure it will gets better. :)

I don't mind the sunshine as long as it is not hot, but I'm a weirdo who has always like rain and overcast weather. There is nothing dark about it to me, I find it truly beautiful and it causes my insperation to be strong.

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