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What is the fast way to learn Portuguese?

I'm absolute a freshman of Portuguese but I have to speak fluent conversational level Portuguese on my interview next month, is it possible?! What is the fastest way?!



Try to learn by using

Hi Kellycheung =)!



Portuguese it's a hard languange, but if you study hard you can learn somethings who can help you on your interview.


Try to use some words in portuguese all your day, maybe this can help you.


I wish you lucky in your interview!


As some people have already pointed out, Portuguese is a hard language to learn, even harder when your native language is not part of the latin languages ramification therefore there is no base to start on. I don't want to be the one who drops the ball here but If you study hard and dedicate yourself to it, you might only have a technical knowledge of the Protuguese language, you might be able to read something and say a few more. If you need help, feel free to contact me. See you and good luck. 

Não é facil aprender portugues mas posso te ajudar...Me adicione no skype Cris Longho é meu nome...

I think 'the fast way' is difficult. But U can try to watch films and series in portuguese. To listen music.  

Hello . To write is easier than to speak . You must study every day by internet,if you want to practise conversation by skype,let me know .I am learning English by myself .I could to teach Portuguese for you. Would be a pleasure for me .Have a good week and good lucky with your Portuguese learning.

You can start with few online-studying sites, books (, Portuguese for dummies, ...) or even YouTube. Try hard and you'll be surprised how far you could go.



Hi, my name is Marcelo, my skype is marcelomirmar68  , add me ! , bye bye


Hello kelly Cheung, how are you?

Ins't hard learn portuguese or another latin language if it's familiar for you, a lot of languages special in Europe have the base latin...I know some students from Eastern Europe and they have better marks and undestand better than some Portugueses because they have habits of study differents and they study more for get if you will start study now for 1st time better you start learn portuguese (Portugal) because if you will do test of D.E.L.E you will be portuguese (Portugal) because anothers are dialects....

How you can learn portuguese: watching movies, novel and listenning music in portuguese.

Names of some movies: "A gaiola dourada", "Pecados rurais", "Cowgirl", "O crime do padre Amaro", "O patio das cantigas", "Amalia, O filme", "O Bairro", etc you have a lot of them just need Search :D But 1st you need learn base of language for undestand ...

I hope had help you in some way :)

HI, maybe can we help each other...

I´m from Brazil , I want to improve my english and I´m curious about chinese languages.






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