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need a partner

Now, I have many problems in learning English. It seems difficult for me to achieve 6.0 IELTS after 4 months. Because of this reason, I hope of finding a partner and sharing experience to improve my English.



Hello hoanmy67,

4 months is more than enough.

Just show some passion in learning and stay dedicated.

Always think positive and you will score 7.5 bands.

Good Luck :)

i am trying to improve my english too..:(

All the best..and start counting days for your exams.

and find people to communicate and read some english books to improve your vocabulary.


IELTS is a hard exam, it's even harder when you need to get a 6 or a 7. My advice to you as a teacher is to read and read everyday. 


I understand what you me it was the same at the beginning, I encountered a lot of difficulties and some days I thought that I didn't have improvements. I think that the secret is to practise english as much as you can and above all never give up!!!

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