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What do you know about astral body during consciousness ?

some people says that when they meditalte for 2.5 hours daily.. continue to 45 to 50 days.. they  start a journey of ruhani mandals ( start moving to different galaxies in different frequencies ) through a astral body of his own..

the spritual teachers says that what we r examining now through rockets.. like moon , mars nd different galaxies.. they were thought thousand of years ago nd that comes true now scientifically..

so, how much you know about that ?




i feel that there are many hidden things whom we are unaware..

i found this on some youtube videos Spiritual Reality - Astral Body and Astral Travel part 1 to 5

nd even heard from some elders about that..

only heard a few things about what you just mentioned. 

I'm not inclined on believing it is true , though if it is , it would be awesome !

i know few people who have experienced that nd i feel this is true.. even buddha, many rishi munies maditate and connect himself with god. nd communicate like we uses cell phone now :).. i think there is a way inside us in the forhead upper nd middle to the eyes.. with whom we can travel.. nd even reach to god after passing through different galaxies nd frequencies..

i try it but can't do more than half an hour nd can continue this more than 2 days..

I personally believe in all what you have written. I don,t do any efforts to join or to travel at such a way. Meditating seldom, only if I have a taste or feelings that it is necessary to meditate. Maybe it is that I haven,t managed to meditate correctly.

eva ji this is very difficult for a person to meditate that much because of fast and bzee life..

only 0.1 % person in the whole world can meditate that much..


I suppose you are part of that 0.1 %?

no i'm not.. but want to be part of..

yah i think it is posible but before it i think should firsltly try to try know how the universe is created..

Hi Sumit malik. :) I'm curious... what is the purpose of inducing an altered state of consciousness upon oneself?  What is your purpose for doing that?

I watched an indian movie, I think the way of the director express is like what you said.

And I know scholars are amazing what indian did about astronomy

like Nicolaus Copernicus did in the earth.

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