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Do you believe in ghosts ?

Do you believe in ghosts???Have you ever met one?What's your opinion about supernatural???



Of course I do! And I'm happy that there are some well trained ghostbusters out there.

Reality is so much more than we are able to perceive with our 'normal' senses... 

Thanks Anja for your answer.:)

Yes because I have seen many however I don't believe in monster.

Vashti Sakura:

You can tell us about your experience if you wish to.


I live in the most haunted city in North America, New Orleans, and I can honestly say I have seen and experienced stuff I cannot explain.  So yes, I believe in ghosts. 


Is New Orleans known for his paranormal activity?Well,I had no idea!Can you tell us a few examples?

*for its,I am sorry!!!

Such as?


Yes, New Orleans is famous for its many hauntings and paranormal activity.  For example, one day I was standing in front of a building, known for being haunted. The building had been vacant, so no one was living there and all the lights were out.  The building was dark.  I was telling people about the haunting while someone was taking a picture of it.  It was a digital camera, so we could see the picture while still standing in front of the building.  In that picture, it appeared as if all the lights on the second floor were lit, all the windows looked like light was coming from them! 


oooohh,that sounds really creepy!!

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