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Tacos around the world


I´m from tha land where the "taco" was born. If you had access to real mexican tortillas but could only use your local produce (or the traditional ingredients of your country), what would you put in your taco?



I notice taco is quite popular among Norwegian students.Here my dorm neighbors always put chopped meat and cheese in it...

I think I would like to put chicken meat, lettuce, onion and tomato in it. But I never see people eat taco in China. maybe I should introduce it to them when I go back.

Happily I do have access to authentic tortillas de nixtamal.  I also don't live too far from a body of water, so I'll deem seafood to be "local produce".  So, here's what I'll put in the tortilla:  pieces of fillet of catfish; diced, locally grown cabbage; sliced radish and cucumber pieces; tomato slices (from tomatoes from my garden); coriander (often called cilantro in the US, as in Mexico); and a dollop of hot sauce.

Hi,here in  Uruguay we have only one mexican restaurant.   La Lupita ,Montevideo,Uruguay

Of course,they don´t use so spicy foods like in Mexico.

These are the ones I prefer,from their menu:


Al alambre
Carne de ternera cortada en tiras, cocinada con cebolla, morrón, tomate y chile jalapeño.

Pollo con mole poblano
Suprema de pollo deshebrada cocinada en una salsa elaborada con chocolate, chiles, maní y otras semillas (en total lleva 35 ingredientes el que servimos en esta casa), y constituye el platillo distintivo de las grandes ocasiones en las familias mexicanas.

Pollo con rajas
Suprema de pollo deshebrada, cocinada en una salsa de tomate, cebolla y rajas de chile jalapeño.

Chorizo colorado estilo español con queso derretido.



I come from Indonesia. As far as now, when i eat taco in Mexican Restaurant in here, I eat it with beef filling. Thus, I just thinking what if they change the fill with 'rendang'? Rendang is a famous traditional food in here. It is a beef  with super dry and spicy sauce. The main ingredients for the soup itself are coconut (yes you can imagine how tasty it is) and a lot of chili. Seems yummy. :)


Thanks for your answers guys....


Primevare: The chinese gave us mexicans a great gift. Peking duck tacos! (I know it´s Beijing now). One of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City is one that combines chinese and mexican food.


Neil: I´m yet to try catfish but for what I´ve heard it really makes for excellent tacos. Sounds like your fish tacos don´t really ask anything from us. Enjoy!


Sonia: Alambre is what I usually have in a "taquería". A lot of cheese and a lot of "pimiento verde" just hits the spot.



Where I live in the US, you can find some really good tacos..auténticos!  I have had some good ones in Mexico too, of course. :)


A relatively new one to me was "fish tacos" with cilantro and they were so good.  And they were completely different from the beef ones.


What I don't like are the tacos made from the packages that you find in American grocery stores.  They are boring. 

I am from Texas (America) and you can find pletny of authentic tacos. What I would put in my taco is carnitas (braised pork) w/ lime, red onion, and some salsa verde made from tomatillos and chiles. This is what I make at home and all of these ingredients are easy to find in Texas and where I live now in Utah.

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