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Thumb Up . . . Thumb Down ( don't lie . . . you care )

Do you care so much about others opinion about what you write here on Italki ?

or you always have the full confidence about what you write here . . . without caring about what others will think ?

"Don't laugh . . . & tell the truth (o_O)"

do you always looking for the admiration of others about your opinions & your comments ?

You smile when you got ( Thumb Up ) . . . right? . . . don't lie,

& feel embarrassing & angry when you got ( Thumb Down ) . . . Umm

I think your smile now . . . Gave me my answer . . . lol

ok ok . . . I will stop . . . but tell me,

Why do you always looking for the admiration of others about your opinions ?



I like the thumbs up a little. The thumbs down show other things though: how fanatic some people are, how intolerant towards other opinions people are. Some people thumb down a person on every comment he or she makes, just because they hate that person. And even further aren't we here for language learning anyway? Not to spread our believes? Not to collect thumbs? So actually this whole thing is just irritating.

I don't care about other people opinion :) But I think "thumb down" shouldn't be on italki.


I think you can usually tell what your opinion is going to get. If there are -in my opinion- bigoted comments getting thumbs up then your comment disagreeing will get voted down. Doesn't put me off. 

I think there is a whole lot of difference between thumbing down a discussion or a notebook entry. A notebook entry is pure for language learning. (What should be the goal of this website.) If that does not get viewed, it's a big inconvenience. You don't get a correction. If a discussion is thumbed down, that is mainly because people are bored with the subject. There are a lot of people posting here who are a sort of old broken vinyl record that keeps on playing the same tune, the same line. Like the Jehovah witnesses giving you the same flyer every Sunday.

Thank you ocean so much :)

I appreciate your comment,

But I want to ask 2 questions here :

how will the Thumb Ups / Downs spread the hate among members, while you can't know who give you a Thumb Up / Down ?

& If I will hate everyone who differs with me in the opinion & gives me a Thumb down,

Do I will accept any criticism or any difference with me in opinion in the real life ?


I think the problem isn't in the Thumb Ups / Downs, you think ?



Thank you Jacky so much :)

I appreciate your comment,

I think there are 2 reasons for Thumb Downs :

1- Hate .

2- Difference in the opinion .

but I don't know which one of them was the reason that made someone to give me Thumb down, right?

In my opinion the problem is when some people mix between both of those things ( Hate & Difference in the opinion ),

( I hate everyone who differs with me in the opinion ), Do you have this sentence in your dictionary ?

I think . . . we need to accept the difference in opinion, and before hating the one who differs with us in the opinion, we must think that this person need help ( of course if we completely sure about our opinions ), and start to explain the right thing from your opinion to this person,

If he accepted your opinion . . . great,

If he refused your opinion . . . he is free, right?

No hard feelings . . . as you said, the main purpose for all of us here is to learn and practice language, right?

P.S. ( I talk in general . . . I don't mean anyone )

but my main point here, not why they gives you Thumb Ups / Downs,

but why you cares about that ?



Thank you Marta so much :)

I appreciate your opinion,

but I want to ask you one question :

If you don't care about others opinion, why you think that ( Thumb down ) shouldn't be here ?

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