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the last day of your life

Imagine  that you have to live only 24 hours, what would you do in that time, what would you like to trail left behind? 



I would like to be asleep ;)

What about you?

As for me, I would spend this day laying on the sofa and watching television))actuallly, just kidding. I  reckon  that  I would do nothing much,  I would not have tried to do the things that I did not do in this life. 

 I would just think about my life as I lived it, that I  did wrong,  I would have regretted that offended their loved ones, would be sorry that did not appreciate what I had
I would have thought about whether my relatives and  my friends remember me, when I was not around.

I'd like read a good book in front of the sea.

That's a good idea! I like it)))

I´d like see all my family and all my friend in a party ! :)

That sounds great!

I will apologize to all those I hurted.

Thanks for your answers! 

ReallyCareAboutYou,  I don' know your name, but I can tell you that I like to read your posts very much, I noticed that you are  very interesting and unusual person. Nowadays it's pretty rarely to meet such  a person like you! 

I would be thinking of what to say to God when I stand on clouds by the Gates of Heaven. I even don't know what kind of music he prefers.

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