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Managing Creative People

Creative professionals are highly individual people that have unique things to motivate them to create new ideas and concepts. It is important to understand and respect their sensibilities to bring the best out of them. To nurture and manage creative talent and get the best output on an efficient and continuous basis, experts suggest - Set the bar and prioritize focus areas; Identify and leverage traits of individuals; Cater to strengths and empower them; Keep your hands dirty and involve yourself in the work at hand; Suggest but don't necessarily impose a process; Create healthy confusion by keeping them busy with multiple projects at a time; Encourage switching off to switch on to overcome burning out of creative talent; Keep them producing and avoid giving long gaps of inactivity and idleness; Make retention a conscious choice and create a culture that encourages it; Know when to, and able to, speak the tough truth to avoid keeping the talent in rut. Its an essential element of mentoring. Read on...

Fast Company: 10 Tips for Managing Creative People



I think it is wrong cattergorise people as creative or non-creative. Everyone can be a creative person, they just need to find out what they are passionate about and people encouraging them certainly helps. I am horrible at things like drawing and painting, but find my creativism comes out when I cook. I wish that American school systems were better at incouraging creativism more then right or wrong answers, because this can truly flourish a human being.

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