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What's the tradition from another culture or another country that you admire ?

What's the tradition from another culture or another country that you admire ?



I like tradition of India.There are a lot of interesting festivals,dances and dresses.It is really nice that younger respect elders and familly is important.I admire Indian womens who always did their best to be a good mother and daughter in law and which are strong in difficult situations.

What about you?Which tradition do you admire?

Thank you Teddy bear so much :)

I appreciate your comment,

& of course India . . . very beautiful and interesting country, with a lot of good traditions as you mentioned .

For me : I like and respect a tradition in Korea . . . which is ( Shoes off )

when you enter any korean home you must remove your shoes in the first,

and if you don't do that . . . it will be a Great Disrespect .

I think clean floor is very important thing in Korea,

they sit and often sleep on the floor . . . so dirty floor is intolerable in Korean home,

I really respect that too much, and I respect korean people too much,

they deserve respect .

What about you ?

I agree that it is correct to remove shoes...i like to watch Korean movies

i from indonesia

indonesia has any cultures, and all of them different each other, like saman dance, kecak dance, etc.

Two comes to my mind :

There is a temple in India (I don't remeber the religion) that cook everyday a meal and serve any one who want or need to eat.

The Saharian bedouins are also very generose. They never return any one they meet or let a guest feel uncomfortable, no matter thier shortage of provisions or how much they are poor.

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