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Ukrainian language, literature, movies, comics and novels

I am interested in learning Slavic languages. Specifically Ukrainian and Russian for starters. I have developed a system for learning languages that works very well for me. It's not just the words I am interested in, it is the people, literature, movies, novels, comics, in summary everything that makes up the culture.

I have been looking for books, movies, comics and mass market paperback in Ukrainian. So far with very little success. 


For enterteinment, I prefer English because of the incredible amout of variety out there. To this day I have not found anything similar in either Spanish or German. I like adventure and science fiction novels written by Robert Heinlein, Alan Dean Foster, Steve Berry, CLive Cussler and Dan Brown to mention a few. In German I like to read Karl May, Hans Dominik and Perry Rhodan mass market paperbacks. Have any of these or others been translated. Are there authors who write entertaining novels in Ukrainian?



Any differences between the Ukrainian language and the Russian language? I've heard that Ukranians speak Russian in formal circumtances.

Interesting comment. - need a native to confirm that one.

The way I understand what I am reading: While related, there always have been differences. One interesting fact is that Ukrainian was prohibited as a language during Sovjet rule. What would cause them to do that?

Need native Ukrainians to help with this..

   Almost all Ukrainians know Russian and Ukrainian languages. These languages have the same roots, so they have a lot of similarities. The eastern part of Ukraine closer to Russia, and there are many Russian lives. Therefore, in the east to talk more Russian than Ukrainian. In western Ukraine, on the contrary. 

Russia as to the formation of the Soviet Union, and after trying to get all Ukrainians speak Russian language. After Ukraine gained independence, the Ukrainian language became state. 


Thanks Alexander.

So if Ukrainian is now the official language since Independance, can you tell me where I might be able to find some 'lighthearted' novels, comics or literature in Ukrainian? I have found some in Russian, but nothing lighthearted in Ukrainian yet...


This site has a lot of books in Ukrainian language. Ukrainian and foreign authors.

Thanks Alexander. Are the movies in the theaters dubbed in Ukrainian or subtitled?

I just looked at


it has not only literature, but also online radio as well as a TV station. That is the best immersion learning aid I have found so far.


Thanks again Alexander - any other sites you know of?


a thought:

The problem with is that you ahve to know what you are searching for in Ukrainian Cyrillic - kind of self defeating....maybe a letter to the site admin to have different site infrastructure language options with some metadata in English, German, French and a few other languages thrown in so when you search for Ukrainian sites in your native language will show up.. what do you think? - movies in Ukrainian - books in Ukrainian - Ukrainian audiobooks - more books in Ukrainian - more movies in Ukrainian

Maybe you need to create an account to have access to this stuff on . It's free.


Thank you very muhc for the great links!

I have an account on vk.

Do you have any idea why, when I copy and paste your name from your profile, which you spelled in Ukrainian, this system transliterates into Russian letters???? 




If I correctly understand what you're asking about, I think it is a is a special feature of vk search engine. If you're looking for a specific person you're probably do not know in what language the person spelled their name (Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, English etc.) so system presents the search results regardless of language or whether it is full or short form of a name. Also, all the names spelled in Cyrillic automatically transliterates into Latin if you use English version of the website.

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