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where you from?



OMG! where is one comment?

I'm from Russia...

I live at World's end)) I live in Arkhangelsk, near the White sea...

Hi Anastasiya! Your place will be so cold especially in winter.

I'll give you a hint : my country started a pan arabic social movement that was met with military repression and caused a war in Syria , another one in Libya , a military coup in Egypt plus other changes in different countries. My country is the northern most country of Africa.People in my country descend from different genetic groups , but the most of the population has roots to Berber tribes.

Guess my country's name.

Very esay your country name is Tunisia

how are you Oussama?

I am from Serbia.



Good , how are you? how fares Afghanistan?

thanks, how are you Teddy bear? thank you Oussama I am good. it's a long history my borther.


I can't compete with Anastasiya in coldness or size, but my country comes second in both those things. I'm from Canada.

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