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What is the best love song?

I want to offer it to my beloved sister!



Everything I Do - Bryan Adams

Hold on--Wilson Phillips that is for mature females, It is full with femalism spirit to brace their heart.

The day you went away--M2M it is full with girl's sentimentality.

I think both of it are not girl to girl but girls always talk about boys in their group. So you can be like M2M to accompany with her. Sing love song together to be your love of friendship

About the background of sadness is not really so dont care about it.

That is for being sentimental

and sadness is like Greece literature master said that touch humen's heart for drama

I like Lara Fabian's song "Je t'aime"...


I think we have a lot of love songs. Sure, in every good song has to have a bit of love. I like "Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine", it's classic!

"my heart will go on"

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