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What do you think of when you hear or see "Made in China"?

Have you ever used products made in China? What do you think about its quality and price?

I really want to know what people think of products made in China from all over the world.

I would be very appreciative if you would reply.



ı feeling bad when ı see it but unfortunately most of product are being cheap if the brand from china. But my general sense when ı see china it reminds me poor quality products.

I think it's not very good. I feel so worry n scare when I see " made in china" on the things which I buy or use. I knew almost things made in china are so easy to break, not bad for the healthy or bring something bad else. But the most important thing is the good things are always retained in China to provide for Chinese, i think so . And the bum one are imported to other countries. 

If it’s designed and built in China it’s probably junk. If it’s a cheap Chinese copy of something good, it’s probably junk. If it was designed in another country like, Japan, US, or South Korea, then the manufacturing process is restricted by that designer. As long as it’s just simply the slave labor that China offers, the products are pretty good.


They often remind me of 

1 low labour costs 

2 great cost in the environment

3 cheap, especially those for export

4 of poor quality or even harmful unless they are for export

things from official company are not cheap and have normal quality, but not official things have poor quality, but good price!!! I think in our world deficiency good quality

There are a lot of international well known companies in China. If the product belongs to these companies than it should have a good quality. Otherwise anything can happen :)

When see writing "Made in China" the first thought is that the thing is of bad quality. And it's probably because 20 years ago goods from China were really worse, than now... But now situation has chanded, many manufactors of famous brands are situated in china. And nobody knows, how much it would cost if it were produced in Europe, for example))


I'm curious, Is everything in China "made in China"?

i think of bad quality 

Made by chinese?

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