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plan to visit Korea

I have plan to visit Korea by next year... please suggest me any guest house or cheap hotel to stay in Seoul. I tried to find on website, but not sure if the place is good or safe as i will travel by my self. Please share if you have any experience. 


Thank you :)




When I travel I usually use Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, Couchsurfing or Trip Advisor. There is also Air BnB as well. 

All are excellent sites for finding safe places to stay. Just read the reviews!

Korea is wonderful, I lived there for a yera and had a wonderful time. 

Happy travels!



*year* sorry. If you're totally stuck join a Couchsurfing group to get local advice. 


Korea has an awesome Couch Surfing scene with many friendly people.  So, if you want to stay free, that's a good option.  It's really nice to have a local tour guide!


The Tokyo Inn is a great Japanese style hotel chain.  The rooms are about $40/night if you book in advance.  They have a nice hotel in Busan.


Seoul has everything so you can stay in anything from super expensive suites at the Hilton to love motels.  I would recommend avoiding all hotels near Itaewon (including the infamous Hamilton)...


If you're in Seoul, I'd stay near Myeongdong because you can walk to a lot of cool stuff like Gwanghwamun or Insadong.  Plus, you'll be really close to Gangnam, Apgujeong, and Hongdae if you want to go out at night.  Have fun!


I also wanted to say that Seoul is easily the safest city I've ever visited.

thank you very much for your comments.... its really useful :)

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