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sub-conscious and creativity, :

do you think that there exists beneath the conscious mind, a sub-conscious which in some sense is more creative and insightful than our waking state, which emerges in dreams, intuition, and insight? Do you think that in some sense, a dreaming state, or a 'day-dream' (twoe different things) state can be better than a waking, logical state of being? The conductor and composer Leonard Berstein talked about this in one of his books. (I was daydreaming, seemingly doing nothing and being lazy, but I was actually at my most productive)



It's just like a meditative state in Buddhism or Yoga in some degree.When you keep thinking without interruption by outside world,some unbelievable things may be created.

Where is that definitive article! (in my title)

I once dreamt about a short story or novella. It was all there: characters, plot, conflict, etc. It was gone when I awoke. Sometimes I have small glimpses into completed works (often paintings) in my mind but the entirety escape me when I attempt to realize these plans.

You know when I am in dream , I can listening to English in my earphone more precisely . I guess in the shallow sleep , my brain activates my subconscious .

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