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What Would You Do?

If you saw a drunk man on Saturday night and on Sunday morning he came to you asking for money for food would you give it to him? What would you do? Would you give him the money? Would you tell him no?  And, why?



I'd give him nothing. he didn't needed to be drunk, there wasn't any need for being drunk so he decided to spend his money on that and that's why is his problem, if he is needing money now he could think about it before spending it in such a stupid way.

Please tell me why Ayad. :)


Interesting answer Yannick. So, you would just let him go hungry and not feed him at all? What if he has a family? Should his children starve?

of course i will help them if i have money with me. because maybe we put on the spot 

I hope the trolls stay in their dungeons IReallyCareAboutYou.  ;)

any of us could find ourselves in his shoes one day

hmmm.... IReallyCareAboutYou, how would you help him stop drinking?  How would buying him food instead of giving him money help him stop?

Depend on the circumstances that I am found my self. If I have the extra money yes I will give some money or food. The reason is because some time we make mistakes or bad decisions, at this time he made the wrong decision to spend his money on alcohol. How long ago do you know this person? Dos he have any background of alcoholism in the pass? If the answer is yes we may need to change the question and ask how can we help this person in the future so he does not make the same mistake. If the answer is no. Then what make this person to make such a decision? Does he have any personal problem? I believe sometime we cannot judge people for their mistakes. We need to dig more and investigate what was the problem before we take actions. Now the question is what did you do?




I love your answer alvarezed2003. Very thoughtful.  :)


It's just a hypothetical question. Not about one person in particular but I have seen this circumstance many times in my life.  When I was younger I wouldn't have thought of the things you mentioned. I would have been hard on him back then; but, now I would give him the money and I think I would be prepared to go and buy him food after he took the money and spent it on more alcohol.  I think his having the chance to make a good decision is just as important as putting food in his belly. :)

ἀνάθεμα, do you do anything else to help people?  What makes that man a "beggar?"  He could be your neighbor, or a relative, or anyone.  Why do you see him as a beggar?


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