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what football team do you like and did you was in the stadium?(this question for man)



Beside the national team of Algeria my favorite teams are Italia than Argentina. I am also a fun of the local team of my town and Juventus Torino.


I was many times on the stadium for the local and national team. The last will play an important match two days from now. The issue of this match will determine if we will participate on the world cup in Brazil. But I did not even try to get tickets because the sales opération has transformed to a little riot as alwas.

The fact is that people hae a great attachement to the national team but in the other hand there no stadium big  enough to contain a reasonable number.

Why is this a question for a man? I know many girls who are a fanatical football fan. I am a big fan, my sister is, and my mother was a huge fan too for example.


FYI: I am a fan of Ajax which plays in the Arena in Amsterdam. I also frequently visit the second team which play a division lower, and we even have a women's team playing in the BENE league. These two teams play in a smaller stadium called De Toekomst.

To correct your English:


What football team do you support and did you go to the stadium?


(this is a question for men)


And to the latter I do not agree, as said.

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