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Classic books

Hello everybody ! Can anybody suggest me some nice english classic books to read ? Possibly not very difficult. Thank you very much :) !




Classics are going to be hard due to the fact that the language is older.  But if you want to try I recommend Edgar Poe, Mary Shelley (famous for Frankenstein), Stephen Crane's short stories, just to name a few.


Animal Farm - Absolute classic, not to difficult and cool!


Federico, ti consiglio di leggere i romanzi di Phillip Pullman: His Dark Materials. È una trilogia di libri della fanatasia: The Northern Lights, the Subtle Knife & the Amber Syglass. Se ti piace questo genere dei libri, sono sicuro che ti divertirai a leggere questi libri.

A couple interesting English books are "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and "The Little Prince".

Thank you all ! I will try to read them ;) !

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