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5 things . . . that you can't live without .

Tell me 5 things that you can't live without them .







my love

I just want to make one correction :

( 5 things . . . that you can't imagine your life without ) . . . Sorry :)

Dumb question but I will try to answer anyway. First is my mom, the greatest woman in the world I can`t imagine my life without, the second one is my own corner (home), the place I feel comfortable, relaxed and kind of protected in, the third would be my bathroom (hee hee), the place I can rejuvenate in. Oatmeal cookies, apples, my sweet nephew, my... Oh, I can go on and on, sadly I should pick just 5, I am baffled.

religion,, air, water, food, knowledge.


body, soul, world, fillings, humanity


my smart phone


the blue jeans

my hair :)

Hope.        Faith.            Fresh air !           Water.            Brain.             :)))).        Oh. I think 5 is not enough.  I would like to enlargen my wish list :((

1. Faith.

2. Fresh air and water.

3. Income.

4. Good health.

5. Self-confidence.

Thanks so much for all of you guys :)

I really appreaciate your comments,

For maral : Dumb question ?!!! isn't it? ( High Five )

I don't know what I was thinking about when I opened this discussion . . . Oh

but Seriously :

try to think about it more deeply, trust me . . . you will be surprised,

and maybe you will change your mind later,

anyway . . . Thanks again :)


lamar u said it is a dumb Q although ur anwer is way more worse -.-

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