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Hey guys! I just joined this site, and wanted to let everyone know that i am fluent in English (that's my native language) so I can help anyone learn English, and would like some help learning German and Polish. I've JUST started both, so I pretty much only know how to say hi, bye, and that's about it. Also, I've noticed that a lot of people have like, their own little bio thingie..where do I do that?



Please be my teacher and help me to learn English.

Yah I'll help you!! Definetely!! So, do you speak German or Polish? Oh and it seems like you're doing well in English, Salehim, because you spelled everything correctly and capitalized what needed to be. :) So, when do you want to begin?

I will be grateful if you could help me in learning english. I am from Pakistan and my native language is Urdu.

hey buddy plz add me

i want to english spoken

i skype id arpit4people

oh wow arpit. Okay so, I'm oging to correct

Hey buddy, please add me

 I want to be able to speak English

I skype. I'd...and then I don't know what you're saying in the rest...sorry! and I'll help you I skype too when do you want to start?

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