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Do you believe in miracles?

According to words of many writers and artists, the miracles surround us everywhere. We just must be able to notice them. We only need to stay at least for a moment and try to look around... They repeat it day after day, trying to get our attention, to teach us to notice miracles in usual things... It can be a smile of the stranger in the crowd, glitter in the eyes of a child and more...

So, what is the miracle for you?



for me, miracle is, where you can see the reflection a part of your soul...

I'm not agree with you. Sorry.

So, according to your opinion, you deny the existence of something, that doesn't obey the law of nature. Do you really suppose, that you can explain all, what is happening in our world from the view point of the laws of nature? I can agree with you in only one, our knowledge has a limit, our mind, opposite, unlimited. But now we are in the such phase of development, which doesn't allow us to explain everything. There are also philosophical concepts.
Other words, why people still try to explore such concepts as soul, the human mind, human behavior in different situations, also other abstract things?


My miracle it`s a person who I met recently, he has changed my life and now I know here exists smth more than simply thoughts abt work/study.. now I got smth which I can think abt too :) that is my miracle guys :) 

If you want to believe in miracles, you should believe. I concur with author - a miracle is everywhere. A song of nightingale is miracle, a sound of running wave is miracle, a life is the miracle too.

However you didn't answer my question. What about the soul? or as some people call this "the spark of God". How can you explain, why people are alive? Let's remember the many attempts of scientists to revive the human? You can, for example, "gather the human in parts", but you will never be able to give to him a life.

I believe in miracle because for me everything is a miracle whether it is explainable or not.

nevertheless it's just theory... so, if you are truly convinced of one, could you give at least one example of how life comes from non-living matter and energy? It's becoming really interesting!

You are pertty persistant, Anastasia. You want us to solve the age-old dilemma. This question will be exist eternally. As for me I am more materialist than idealist. I don't believe in unbielevable thing, however, I like miracles.

Today physics explain how something comes from nothing (Lawrence Krauss).

Anastasiya u can read about it, its amazin theory

I can repeat it, I'll never believe in any theory, until I won't have the opportunity to watch real results... Please, many of you believe in some theories, but any theory must be proved. I'd like to see the evidence. Because, to say something is always easier, then just give us a real example.
I've never heard about how some scientist could revive the human. Even we can talk about the clinical death, where people can be a few minutes and then return to life.
And, I truly feel sorry for those people, whose lifeы don't have a place for miracle...

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