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Your Favorite Movie

write and Share your favorite movie name, is it in English?



i think there is no best but better  

Jessie you don't have any?


I thought Gravity was really good this year.


My favorite movies are The Fighter and Lost in Translation.


My favorite non-English movie is Old Boy.

Thanks Joseph, I will try to watch both

I like many different movies, but one of the best that i've ever seen is ''The Millionaire''


Matheus you did not post a name of movie!

Thank you Vale, I will watch your favorite movie

Thanks, I will watch

i like many, I recently watched midnight in paris!, i loved it! 

I liked one that will make you cry, but its a very good movie, called the impossible.

other good onesfor me are theones related to historic facts. life is beautiful.  

Nice Gua, I will watch your favorite movies.

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