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Learning/Practising/Teaching Chinese in Skype Groups

I hate to make another discussion but the other one isn't showing up with the other discussions.


We've got some groups on Skype for Chinese. There are currently 4:


Pre-A1 - For people interested in starting to learn Chinese or know a little bit and want to start talking to Chinese people. They don't need to worry about reading Chinese characters; they can use pinyin instead. Chatting is almost entirely in English.


A1 - For people who have studied a bit and can write some simple sentences. Some may be able to read Chinese characters; some may need to use pinyin still. Suitable for people aiming for HSK1 or who have just passed it. Chatting is mostly in English but they can learn/practise some new words or sentences.


B1 - For people who can chat about some simple topics in Chinese but still need to use English in places and for difficult topics. Approximately HSK3. Chinese and English 50/50.


C2 - For people who can communicate almost fluent.


And I can make the groups in between (A2, B2, C1) if necessary in the future. Some people use them all and help others, some just use one or two. Talk to me if you are interested in joining us.


The benefits of this idea:


- Most members are Chinese so you can learn from many native speakers. Many are eager to help teach others.

- Some people (like me) who are also learning Chinese use the lower groups to help others and can help from personal experience.

- Multiple groups means there's a place for everyone without it being too difficult or too easy.

- Multiple groups also ensures the groups are not too busy but with people joining multiple groups there's still many people to chat with.

- A lot of English is used in the lower groups, so is good practice for the Chinese speakers and anyone else looking to practise their English.

- When teaching new things, it can be done from both sides. People learning it in Chinese and Chinese people learning it in English.


The only rule is: Use Chinese suitable for the group.


If you think this is a good idea, please comment and thumbs up so more people see and tell your friends. :)



Great initiative, thumbs up Matt ; )


I think it's interesting. I'd be glad to join the B1 group.


Hi there,

 I'd really like to join pre A1.

Thanks so much,


Thanks, Syd.

I'm happy that people are interested in joining us. :)

Feel free to add me on Skype yourselves (ma3te4) or add me here as I can't send many follower requests as a non-premium member.

It‘s helpful and I joined. My major is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at college and I'm happy to help anyone. If u r interested in language learning, join us.

Ok. I will not break your rule. Haha, I saw it late.

count me in please! I'm a native chinese speaker.

this is a good place to study Chinese. Join us.


I'd like to join A-1.  Really thanks.

Such a good option for learning Chinese. It's really helpful! :)

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