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What makes you feel disappointed about yourself?




Act against my convictions ...

Thanks for your idea.

@Yan: I totally agree with you on this point. If only I could get back the time...

@Juan Carlos: Good idea. Let's forget the past and live in present then aim to achieve our goals in the future.



  It has always been the same shortcoming with me.

 I cannot "will" myself into being perfect. 

The same human shortcomings appear in my life again and again.


There is a clear distinction  between Acting and Being.


  Sometimes I can Act very well. Sometimes I act poorly; but when I assess What I am,

I am always disappointed.


  All that said,  Self-Acceptance is accomplished, and I can still enjoy life and people.

@Bruce: What an interesting way of thinking! Sometimes, I judge myself as well and a negative feeling comes to my mind when I unearth my bad-results. I have to train myself how to keep SA as much as possible. Thank you!

It mostly happened when the result can not be so good as I expected .



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