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what will you do when your friends have different thoughts or opinions with you



It's OK, Having different thoughts is normal thing. nothing to be worried.

I try to accept it calmly. However, it isn't easy, especially when I am sure that my opinion is true and her is wrong.

Ok everybody have his own opinion .If there thought  is good for man kind i should flow there thought.

It depends on the situation. If we talk about your own case, only your situation, which is relevant to you. In each of them, I just take note. Any way, everyone have to make his own decision. But it has a different meaning if we are dealing with a different situation, when you need to find a general solution with your friend or your close. I usually face this problem when I travel with my close friend. Her opinion is always important to me. In any situation we together try to find a compromise.

Let them.

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