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What do you think about modesty, guys?

Most of kids in my country are brought up by the thory that people should be shy. They shouldn't boast  of their victories and achievements. Their business must speak about them. Is it good or they shoud be grew up in another way. What do you think, guys?



keti, I've a few friends from Georgia. They're good guys. I also know parents some of their. All they are really good people, good families. You know, I really admire a good upbringing and an education level of those guys, their respect to older, to other people, to each other. Their parents invest many good human qualities in their children. I like what way it happens. And, they're truly modest, but not shy.

I think it is complex if I talk about the same circumstance with you, Basically, I am modest about it.

But My action is not like that, That is just for solving problems. Because I think where the humor base on something true. True is true on the initial concepts, humor is just a way to deal with it. but the concept still may go to reality. There are many different people who have different attitudes in it actually. But I think the reason to stop the circumstance as a moral standard that because the group would go to a mess finally. But the standard may not be moral. Like I boast in front of poor people in my country that because I stopped their thought expand to rich people. They become to ask rich people that dont do rich things in front of poor people. So rich people can not act as who they are. The achievement often can be seen with stuff that become a symbol that is bad for poor people maybe.

On another hand, Some of people would produce bad symbol in their group like adult video actress

There are people who feel achievement in it, but it is interesting they have to keep it through AV actress.

And people in it that have the similar situation, perhaps they are stinky. But it is also interesting that you can crash them just ruin the symbol, they can not communicate with each other cause they steep in their own culture too long, The meaning of languages they produce is so. Achievement is disappear

So..I think it should be dealed carefully. After all, Humen would turn into bad circumstance but that does not mean that you can not find truth. In this AV example, They will know that is disgusting when they got real love. Actress should know they still are stuff in the position of human mind accuratelly

Thanks for nice and detailed explanation about differences between shy and modest. 

I meant MODESTY, of course. 

Georgian culture encourages modesty. It said that actions speaks louder than words. However, if you don't blow your own trumpet loudly in right place and right time you will be mediocrity entire life.

What do you think? Is it good to be modesty?


Modesty is generally good if the person understands what modesty entails. The word can be tricky because it can be used as an excuse for being whimp, lazy, judgemental, and ultra-conservative. So, it depends on how one uses it, and also the definition can differ culture to culture. 


Thank you very much for your reply, Anastasia. It's no wonder that you and we have the same standart to appreciate people. We have lived for a long time in one country and have similar values. However, what about modesty people's success? Are they able to sell themselves felicitously as it's recommended in each article?

Thanks for your opinion, Didi,

I didn't mean movie stars, that are different ones. They are really involved in too cruel rat race. It's their price for popularity.

In my opinion the modesty is a good human quality, but in only that case if we talk about its necessary quantity, so to speak, a reasonable amount. Modesty is a trait of character. I think that modest people are a lot more discreet in a expression of feelings, emotions. They are more calm, secretive, consistent in making decisions, is focused on achieving goals. But, at the same time, they can be more vulnerable, than we're able to see. As my friend says they are "people with the delicate mental organisation". Or, opposite, according to eastern wisdom, far stronger, than we can imagine. Any way, in my opinion, this trait of character isn't defining. Because person contains many different qualities, often opposite.


I think there's modesty which I see as a good quality but then there's being irritating self depricating which isn't.

To me it comes across as false and isn't a good quality. I used to have a friend at university who after every test would say how terrible she had done but she would always get top marks. Then one test she said again how terrible she had done and when the marks came back they were bad and she was so shocked and even cried, which tells me she didn't really believe she had done bad all those times she said. It's behaviour like that I don't like. I mean of course don't brag about how great you are but if you have done well there's no reason to put yourself down.

Thanks for contribution, elanvital. I totally agree with you. My favourite expression " Everything good in moderation". 

No doubt that our attitude to those or these things depend on our culture and traditions.

I have noticed that modesty is more appreciated in Eastern countries and old civilizations.

Exactly so, Mimi. Your friend isn't modest, he is hypocrite.


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