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How many Chinese characters/words do you learn every day you study Chinese?


I know everyone has his own method and pace, anyway I would like to know your experience so that I can eventually adjust my learning method if necessary.



Suggestion:1.Learn Pinyin first.

                2.Use the primary schoolbook to learn Chinese characters.

                3.Prepare some Chinese characters copybooks  

                  (you can do it by yourselves,just print them out,then what you need to do is practicing)


PinYin is the foundation of Chinese.

After you learn PinYin well, you can buy an elementary  dictionary,

recite 25 words a day. Write a short composition every week using the word you just learned.


I do not think Chinese have a strict grammar. If you like, you can find some Chinese fairy tales to read.

Last but not the least, you should stick to the plan.

Even the plan is perfect, without persistent learning ,nothing gonna be sucessful.







Thanks :)

ciao fabio! io non conto quante parole imparo ogni giorno e non uso mai i metodi come memorizzare listini di parole. cerco sempre di imparare le parole nuove con il contesto tipo attraverso lettura. per migliorare il mio inglese, leggo spesso libri in inglese, l'ideale è circa 20 pagine un giorno e 10 parole nuove in queste pagine.

maybe you can write  in chinese here,then we can point out your mistakes and help you 

1)pleco software for android phone (paid version) so you can see a character breakdown into it radical and other parts. it's worth the money.

2) Alan Hoeing's Chinese characters book. ( although I didn't follow his stories for remembering chinese characters his character order is the best I've seen)

3) Anki flashcard software (which is free) with Hoeing's chinese characters cards loaded in it (you can download them free from his site)  

I stared with unit one and with pleco looked at each character's breakdown (character parts) then I loaded the unit into anki to start to memorize them. within a month I saw a HUGE difference in my chinese reading/comprehension level. I finished the book and now I review characters with just the anki software.


Good luck in your Chinese studies.


Thanks, I already use these resources :)


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