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How to say : no?

When someone ask me for help or to do something, I'll give them a favor all the time.In fact,I'm not willing to do something of them.I don't know how to refuse others.what can I do?



if you have no intention to do somebody a favour. just decline. to decline is to say NO politely.
it s your right to say No whenever you want, wherever you want to whomever you want.


I"m sorry, I can't. 

I really wish I could but I have ( an appointment, a test, a family thing to do... etc..)

I am super busy this weekend, but maybe next time.

Actually I am not feeling well, but I wish I could help.

I have out of town company, and they need me to constantly entertain them.

I have a ton of chores to do and am so behind on housework, so sorry.


The art of making excuses. 

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