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cinema: your best MOVIE

what is the best movie you've EVER watched?



For me among foreihn movies it's "Leon" by Luk Besson.

Titanic . . .

BTW . . . Thanks Bro for saying that ( My game is boring )

Now . . . no one will want to play it . . . Happy now :(


but it's my fault . . . maybe it's boring for real (o_O)

Oh,it is the remarkable Russisan comedy "office romance"

It is difficult to choose a best film that I have seen. 

I love cinema, and some films have left their imprint on my memory for different reasons.

But a factor that influenced my choice in movies is my age.  As I travel through life, my taste in movies changes too, besides, there are some movies that I like simply because of the time or a person I saw it with....

But probably the ones that have left behind a lasting imprint would be...

How green was my valley!

A tree Still Grows In Brooklyn

Life is beautiful

and many more..

I dont want to pick names and be unfair to some other great films..

Toy Story 1-3! I never get bored watching that movies

Obselutely,Parites of the Carribbean!The series of movie are so wonderful!

saajan movie is my best movie...of bollywood.

the latest one is THE HOST . i love it sooo much

There are many good movies. I couldnt realize all of that. But i remember few movies like inception, battle field, the notebook.

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