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cinema: your best MOVIE

what is the best movie you've EVER watched?



For me among foreihn movies it's "Leon" by Luk Besson.

Oh,it is the remarkable Russisan comedy "office romance"

It is difficult to choose a best film that I have seen. 

I love cinema, and some films have left their imprint on my memory for different reasons.

But a factor that influenced my choice in movies is my age.  As I travel through life, my taste in movies changes too, besides, there are some movies that I like simply because of the time or a person I saw it with....

But probably the ones that have left behind a lasting imprint would be...

How green was my valley!

A tree Still Grows In Brooklyn

Life is beautiful

and many more..

I dont want to pick names and be unfair to some other great films..

Toy Story 1-3! I never get bored watching that movies

Obselutely,Parites of the Carribbean!The series of movie are so wonderful!

saajan movie is my best movie...of bollywood.

the latest one is THE HOST . i love it sooo much

There r  so many movie in Bolly but i like one movie in romantic is "Ek Deewana Tha" , awesome movie.

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