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External beauty

What do you think about external beauty? 

 do you pay attention to the external beauty, if there is no internal beauty? the importance of external beauty to you?



As for me, first off I look at the appearance of's true. But when I start to  to get to know this person more and more
  and see only emptiness inside, outer beauty is nothing. 

Of course, the first impression about people we form by their appearance. By appearance I don't mean only, face, figure, manner of dress etc., also I mean behavior, manner of speaking, sanity, cultural sensitivity and others. Internal and external beauty are halves of a harmonious person.

I think if a person has a only half, he or she should always aspire to the whole, without losing what he or she already has.

I agree, when someone become closer, appearance ceases to interest. Rich and beatuful soul is much more interesting, then outer beauty.

I don't care about external beauty but you have eyes that make mermaids jealous from you. ;P

It is the same when you say brain or beauty.  They need each other so it will be balanced.

good topic...


personally I think there'd be no external beauty to say, if one has nothing beautiful inside of him/her...


at most, you can call him/her a good looking man/woman... yet, not beauty...


on the contrary, if one truly has the internal beauty, ... no matter it's a kind of tallent, good heart, sensitivity, brave, diligence, patriotism, or any sort of a combined quality...


he/she'd be more than just saurated with it, but also glowing in the light of that kind of unique charm of himself's/herself's ... 


that, I think, is the true beauty, instead of the merely good looking given by the parents/creator...

External & Internal beauty . . . Umm (o_O)


Try to imagine that with me :


What if there are no people in the world except ( you & me ),

BTW . . . it will be a fantastic world :P

Do you think that you will dare to ask me if I care about ( External or Internal ) beauty ?

Exactly . . .

Try to imagine that & I will explain what I want to say later . . .

It often happens that some people, having an external beauty, have an empty soul. Maybe they more care about their appearance. But, I'm not deny, I enjoy an external beauty, i'd say it gives me an aestethic pleasure, not more.

I value internal beauty...  The most important for me are human qualities

external beauty is like first impression to tht person that we see.generally people will see the face and then the whole physical. and then people will start see the internal beauty by see the way of talking and behaviour. that is my short opinion.

It's true we can't overlook the power of appearance because our brains decide others' impressions in a few seconds depending on an appearance, regardless of our will.

And we DO have a lot of sterotypes on appearances, like dumb blondes.

However, apart from general stigmas, in my opinion, how much we care about our external beauty is deeply related to our self-esteems.

In other words, if we're mentally healthy and very confident in ourselves, we don't care much about our external beauty.

But those who are not confident in themselves and dependent on other people's opinions, they get to care a lot about their appearances.

And these people are relatively more inclined to judge others by appearances because that is their interests.

On the other hand, it sometimes happens the other way around as well.

Those who are not confident in their appearances often get others' words wrong.

For example, a person who got hurt related to his or her appearance in the past could act at normal criticism, like, "This person is insulting me because of my appearance," or, "If I were beautiful, this person wouldn't say like this," such things.

They often victimize themselves because of low-confidence in their appearances and it affects on their thoughts negatively.

So in this case, external beauty makes an effect on their internal beauty.


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