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What people from other countries think about Brazil?

Neither country in the world can scape from estereotypes, so I'd like to know what comes in their minds when people out there think about Brazil.



When I think of Brazil, the first thing, which comes to my head, is the giant statue of Cristo Redentor. And there is the most famous city of Brazil is Rio-de-Janeiro.

When I think of Brazil, the first thing come to my mind that is open-mind. Of course, Samba is well known. I recently heard they would do plastic surgery on ass from people nearby your country.

I think, that the most famous of Brazil is Brazilian carnival and Brazilian serials))) I would like to visit Brazil very much))

I was expecting for almost all the answers above, including the plastic surgery issue (for me is an issue). The only thing I don't agree is about we being an open-mind culture.


I think it's really hot in Brazil, the nature is abundant, and Brazilians live there! :)) Yes, of course... festivals and the best football players...

I think of the gorgeous scenery of Rio and the thick culture and cuisine. I have heard that Brazil is a dangeous place to visit right now. This might or might not be true but I definetly hope to visit there someday.

Ayad, I'm talking about human rights. People here are still too much racist, homophobic and sexist. It's no rare to see someone making those jokes about black people, or calling gay people of pejorative names, or women being harassed in the streets. Of course it's not everybody here who acts like that, but in these aspects we have too much to change yet.

When i think in brazil, i just imagine a lot of people on carnaval, always laughing and having fun. It's like they don't have reasons to be sad.


When I think of Brazil, I think about the beautiful language of Portugese. Oh, how I'd love to learn the language one day.


I also think about the price of products. I've never been there, but have been told more than once that Brazil isn't exactly the most affordable place.



I think of football (Pele)

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