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About making friends. :)

do you think it's easy for people to make friends at work?

I think there must be a lot of competitiveness and people can't make true friends...



    Indeed, after we worked, many factors will effect us how to distinguish true friendship. We are never simply as before, some friends have long distance between us because they started to obey one rule: all things could change, only benefit won't alter.

    I think experience could test true friendship, within time passed by, someone will leave you off,but someone will stay with you. The one who accompany with you, sharing sorrow and happniess with you,that will be your longlife friend. You must cherish him/her,who will be precious wealth except for families!


As my life experience shows me, true friends I made, when I was a child, or got an education. In my opinion, when person becomes older, he cares other things, are more important for him. I think It happens this way, because in childhood we have different values, than we become adults.

I agree with Richard true friends can shared everything with you and is your friend for many years.. but at work I think it's only collegues more or less friendly that shared the same passion with who you can entertain with.. 

Ah, i have to value the friendship built within the school time. :)

but the good relationships with colleagues at workplace is important, am i right?

It depends on two things.One is your communication skills.We want to know people,as we want to be known.After all,human needs friend.The other is the luck.Some people can be your treasured friends easily and permannently.But some are doomed to be unrelated to you.Always believe in the first thing and have a good faith on the second one.May you find a friend at your workplace.Same to me.

All my best friends are from work. Not in touch with anyone from school.

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