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For those who want to learn VIETNAMESE (Hanoi accent - northern accent)

hi, guys

I am finding a language exchagne partner who wants to learn Vietnamese or practice English (my English is around advanced level). I am learning Korean, Chinese and Spanish now so it will be the best if you are the native of any mentioned language.

We can practise by using skype. I only need once a week for around 30 minutes to 1 hours.

For those who want to learn Vietnamese: I'm always willing to help. Just add me or email me

My email is

My skype: blucecloud



Can I just listen in? Because I need to understand Hanoi Vietnamese.

But I don't want to learn how to speak northern vietnamese....I just want to listen so I can grasp a understanding.

wow! This is the first time I heard that someone just want to be able to listen to the language, not to speak the language. I think communication is kind of 2-way process, you LISTEN to get others' ideas then you SPEAK to express your ideas. I think it is possible to just listen to grasp the understanding as you want but with 1 condition that you have to live in the Vietnamese speaking environment and attentively listen to them then ask them through English the meaning of what they have said, try to ask them to repeat it as much as possible and just listen, it's better if you can hear the words with the same content from many people of both sexes (male and female). Start to focus on very simple conversation first. Don't try to understand much from the start. Time and practice is the best teacher in the world, I think

I know many Vietnamese people who were born and raised in foreign countries and even they don't speak Vietnamese much but they can listen and understand quite a lot. This is because they've heard their Vietnamese parents since they were born, but they just  don't learn how to reply so they can only listen not speak

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