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Does it mean you're a bad student when your language partner sets his hair on fire? ;)

It's impossible to conjugate verbs when you're giggling.  Have you driven any of your language partners insane? :D


Writing your answer in both English and Fenglish is greatly appreciated. :)



"Have you driven any of your language partners insane?" 

We always do it whether we like it or not.




It was too funny. There I was trying to remember the verbs, much less their tenses, saying. "Wait wait, I got this... um... wait... oh shoot, I can't remember... "  Then, I look back at my computer screen and see my friend looking flabbergasted with flames shooting from his head. I nearly fell of the couch laughing. :)  


I want to hear everyone else's funny stories.  What have you done to drive your teacher crazy?

Hi. I haven’t have any problem with language teacher but I definitely drove my Geometry teacher crazy.

We used to play football every Monday and after that we had a Geometry class. I remember a day when we had a Geo exam right after the game. Our school didn’t have a football field so we should get on a school bus every Monday to go to the nearby stadium. Since having an exam after the football game was a pain, we ganged up on our Geo teacher and we got off the bus in the way back to school. We knew that the school board would call the families when they face the empty bus. To foil their attempt in bringing us back to school, we arranged that each of us should answer the phone by himself and as a pretext he should introduce himself as his older/younger brother, etc. (This idea was a genuine one at the time! and every one supported it). Right at the time I arrived home the phone ranged. I took the phone quickly so as not to disturb my father! As I was getting prepared for introducing myself, the furious teacher on the line said: Hey, I know you are his brother! Tell him we'll see each other tomorrow!

:) ofcourse not.

I think it could happen for everyone, I agree with "IReally... " just enjoy learning language!

I had a virtual English teacher, she was too serious even if I had laughed at my mistakes she would have got angry!

anyway good luck. and for someone who doesn't know, finglish means writing in Persian using English letters :)

pirooz bashi Phoenix

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