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How did you like your training session?


Hello everybody,


We had our first session complete. We learned about the basic parts of an accent, the natural flow of learning process and did some speaking practice too.


Did you people like your first session?

Tell me and other people about your views.




as approach to learning it seems very interesting, but we will see better in the next step.

certainly is interesting follow a more natural path, based on listening first.



For me, I think, the first lesson is very helpful. Here I want to give you some advice, maybe, we can have a easy tipic to talk about it, something very interesting or ordiary .

Thanks very much for Mike's class.


The training was wonderful! After this class, I am trying to figure out the speech music of American accent. So interesting!


I think I already know the basic of American accent. :D


Come and join us! This is really helpful:)


I am very thankful to you for your lessons. It was very cognitively, interesting and funny. I enjoyed it very much. Now I try to do all my best to improve my speaking english.
You are very good teacher!
Спасибо огромное!!:)

Hello, today was my favourite session and I have to say in all honesty, that is was really amazing and so helpful. I'm very grateful Michael for your patience but also for your way how you teach. For the first time I realized how important is the sound. Thank you very much again because I enjoy every minute so I can highly recommend!!! I wish you all the best Monika

Thanks for your helpful lessons about American accent :D It's really useful :D From now on I will pay more attention to Music speech :) And after all,thanks Mr.Mike for helping me in English :D I was really happy when I joined your class <3

I think this second language acquisition method, that focuses firstly on listening, secondly on speaking, thirdly on reading and finally on writing, is very good. I would say it is the best one if the learner has no basics of the second language at all, in the case of an alphabetic language. The smaller the age of the learner is the more successful this method is. This method is based on the observation of infant language acquisition mechanisms: infants has the ability to extract structures in linguistic input and can reproduce a sound perfectly, even if they don’t know how to read or write it. I have some doubts about not very young students or students who already has some knowledge of the second language, whether they acquired with a Grammar-Translation approach. Mine are just doubts.
I think the theory Mike refers to can be very efficient, it depends also on how he will put it in practice in the long term.
In the case of non-alphabetic languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc.), I think writing cannot be put last in the process of language acquisition.

Thanks for your first session.Although I haven't listened to the session more,I still think it is interesting.I have an idea about the session,I hope next we can talk each other and share our ideas about one thing.


It's great! Mike tought us a lot. I am sorry I can't join it everytime since it's late sometimes. 

Yes of course you are a very good teacher,A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime.

Hope all things goes well with you.



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