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Which language irritates you? Why?



Un Known Language because i didn't know that.

French can be irritating. It is a very beautiful language but when I tried studying it all it did was irritate me and completely turn me off, I realised this wasn't the language for me. I still would love to learn a little french to be able to read menus, maybe a little poetry, etc.

I have heard people tell me if I found French difficult then it was unlikely I could learn German, but I completely disagree. I have gotten much farther in German because it is something I greatly enjoy and am passionate about.

Spanish, because the school compels me to learn this language. I don't really want to learn spanish, but icelandic, russian, latin, perhaps german.

I dont like Latin because that is dead language and it is not interesting for me,but i have to learn it because i have that as a subject in school.

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