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Talk to me,please!!

Is there anybody could talk with me?!I need friends here.I can speak Chinese and I want to learn English!



hello LNNDEER,

I am here

oh.. hi you can join me.. i will be happy to be your friend :)

Hi. chatting with you would be my pleasure.

plese add me to your friends's list,so I can talk to you!!

hello! i learning english too/ we can speak or write in skyp& what you think about it?

Hi!I'm from Russia and i want to study english too.  Can we talk as friends in isq or skype?

yes i m also learning english and i m intrested make frnds if u don't mind.

i m on skype here is my skype name "jasimahmad4" add me on skype....

do u use we chat maybe?

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