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Man on the street . . .

It's a real story happened to me yesterday . . . so I will try to reduce my silliness & be serious as much as I can, & I hope my language help me to explain correctly :

I was returning to home after work, when I met a poor old man on the street, he asked me to help him crossing the street, & of course I started to help him, & when we were walking together ,

I asked him . . . ( Where are you going sir? ),

he answered me . . . ( I am going to eat ),
then I asked him . . . ( sir, I am like your son, right? ),
yes said . . . (yes),

then I asked him . . . ( for real, Do you need money? ),
he started to smile & answered me . . . ( Don't worry, they don't take money from me at this resturant, I always eat there )
I said . . . ( ok, but I must come with you to this resturant )
to be honest . . . I wasn't sure that he could eat there without money, and the restaurant wasn't far,

anyway . . . I went with him & when we arrived to the resturant . . . he insisted that he need to say something important to me & I must come to sit with him in the resturant . . . & of course I couldn't say no . . . to be honest, I was hungry . . . so I ordered a food for him & me,

When we were eating . . . he asked me a question . . . he asked me that if I am happy in my life or not,

and I answered him with my silly way as usual . . . ( not so much . . . but I will survive ),

to be honest . . . I was try to make a funny atmosphere . . . because I felt that he kind very serious,

& then he told me that :

( I want you to imagine something . . . try to imagine that your life is just a dream . . . and after waking up from this dream . . . you will find yourself . . . poor, homeless, working as a cleaner on the street, not beautiful or let's say ugly, & of course have no value between people . . . you still think your current life isn't good ? ),

I answered him with a smile . . . ( I got you . . . you want to say that I must appreciate what I have , right? ),

he said . . . ( of course, you must appreciate what you have, but that wasn't what I want to say . . . I want to say that you will keep feel that your life is bad, & you will keep feel unhappy in your life . . . because you think that happiness means to have money & being beautiful & having a big value between people . . . there are alot of people around the world live a very bad life . . . and maybe some of them feel happiness more than you . . . and there are alot of people around the world have nearly everthing possible & they always ask about the meaning of happiness . . . when you saw me on the street, you told yourself that . . . this man needs help, right? . . . but now I think you are the one who needs help ),

again I found myself need to make a funny atmosphere with a silly comment . . . ( so, you will give me money ? ),

I think in this moment he told himself that . . . what a stupid person, he doesn't deserve the talk . . . & he just smiled to me & continued to complete his food,
to be honest . . . in this moment I started to feel that this is the good time for leaving . . . because I started to think that he is a crazy person with psychological problems . . . . & I was need ot go to the bathroom too :),

anyway, I started to apologize from him & I just left,
after leaving there was nothing in my mind except the bathroom :)

P.S. ( I really can't stop being silly . . . forgive me guys :)

anyway, I don't know why . . . but his words keep coming to my mind,

So, what do you think guys?

Is he just a psychopath person as I thought ? . . . or he is just an old man with a huge experience in life . . . and there is a deep meaning in his words which I couldn't understand ?

( Sorry for my bad language )

but my main point & the most important thing is . . . I want you to tell me . . . How many " to be honest " that I was said in this useless story ? . . . but without reading it again :))))



I reckon that this old man was right absolutely ( he is not crazy).

 I often think that I have everything I need for life (food, clothing, family, housing, arms, legs, etc)
Some people do not have that. I worked with people with disabilities, who could not go, see, or hear, or something like that, but they were happy! Why do I sometimes sensitivity miserable! I do not understand! When I see people who are happy about every moment in life but they  are seriously ill or poor. I do not dare to feel miserable!

P.S : Did this man pay for his dinner?

Yes, Life is a big school. Everyone who we meet on our way at home is our teacher. Thanks for nice stories of you. It is always a pleasure to read them.

Very interesting and somehow mysterious story!!!!!! That man you met  didn t appeared accidentally on your way. I believe in that what happens with us is not an accident. it was destined ... indeed that man wasn't a crazy or smth. He was a wise man who had became a victim of circumstances of unfair life. That man was sent to you to open our eyes ( your story was just in time , and related to my present mood ) that life is a gift and we shouldn't complain. It was for you as well ircay. That s why that man doesn t go out from your mind. Thanks for your story. It made me think ...:(

firstly...he is not a crazy man but a wise one whom life effected in him strongly dont look at the outside appearance  of him but    to the inner spirit    ....I think we have the decision   in our life ...we who can make our life happy or silly and miserable so money is just a mean to achieve a noble target!!

u r very lucky to meet that kind of people...but was food delicious ?!!

You could have different views during different stages of your life time . You can be a very happy drifting old man owing to nothing to worry yet , you can be an unhappy CEO due to worry about your finance .


feel free to correct me if any incoherence or mistake .

Thank you guys very much :)
I really appreciate all beautiful & useful comments,

For allen :
actually, I don't want to correct any one now, as he said to me ( I am the one who needs help ) , so I prefer to know all opinions about what he said,

but I have just one thing that I want to say,

he didn't say that he is happy or not in his life, right?

but I think he was just try to give me an advice from his huge experience in life,

As you know . . . everyone of us have his opinion & thought about life,
but maybe when we become more and more older, this opinion or thought about life maybe will change, because we will gain more experience, right?
so I think that elder people sometimes just feel sorry about us, because they discovered something in life that we can't see now,
we must give all attention to elders advices, don't agree directly with him, but you must think deeply about his words, maybe his advice will change our lives,
maybe this advice will help us to find the real happiness in life,
maybe he is a wise man as most of people here said, and we will need to thank him later about his words,

Who knows . . . maybe,

Hi IReallyCareAboutYou


I did not specifically ask you to correct my English . I just hope any people who are convenient to revise for my English . After all this is a substantial language website where we can learn languages here .


we must give all attention to elders advices, don't agree directly with him, but you must think deeply about his words, maybe his advice will change our lives,maybe this advice will help us to find the real happiness in life,


I cannot agree with you more , but yet , are you aiming at my comment ?


Feel free to correct my English if any incoherence or mistake .(for anyone)


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