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It's Thanksgiving time in America!


Since Thanksgiving day is only a week away, I'm thinking a lot about food.  I always prepare my family's holiday dinner, so I have a lot of cooking to do this week!


What is your favorite holiday meal?  Do you cook or help to cook it?


What is your favorite American food?  Do you know how to make it?



The traditional Thanksgiving meal is my favorite:  turkey and all the fixings.  When we gather in my home for the holiday, I don't cook, but I do carve the turkey, and I wash the dishes afterwards.



I am more interested in American food . I like to eat American steak , typical American beef , but I do not intend to take too much steak from US  . I heard some cheaper American beef carries trace chemicals for good looking . I do not know if it is right . Besides , I am worried about too much animal protein can lead to overloading of cardiovascular system . Maybe you can tell us more information about American food .


(if any inappropriate words in English  , please feel free to correct me)


Hi Allen,


I like steak, too.  But it's really too expensive, so we only buy it for special occasions.  We eat beef once or twice every two weeks.  I usually buy a cheaper cut of beef, like a chuck roast, or ground beef.  In the winter I like to make pot roast; chuck roast cooked slowly in a wine sauce with vegetables. 

Escovitch fish and oxtail.  I am the cook for Thanksgiving in my house.


solidarity for the turkey,my american food favorite is the steak without sauce because in the usa we use more sauce in all plate,ciao

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