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hi :) I'm italian, my favourite food is CARBONARA. What's about yours?
have you evere eat italian food? Did you like it?



Hi Annunziate! My name is Ozkan and I m from Turkey. I like eating kebap, döner which are delicious meal in Turkey and everbody like it. It is a special for Turkey. 

I have never been Italy so I havent eat Italian food.

I have never tasted italian food , but i hear your foods are very tasty are not they?

I'm from Spain. I have never been in Italy but in Spain there are a lot of Italian restaurants so that I have the chance to eat Italian food many times I can say that I like it a lot. Italian food is very tasty, I like pizza, pasta and salad. My favourite foods are Spanish food and Italian food. I don't like American food because I don't like fast food like hamburgers or hot dogs,

Hi,I'm from Japan.Italian food is very popular in Japan!So i like CARBONARA very much!

in japanese supermarket or convenient store,sell potatechipps that taste CARBONARA flaver!


i don't want know as prepare the carbonara around the wordl because i want to sleep this nigth,annunziata take the ricetta for  a  better wordl


Gnocchi !


Italian cuisine is delicious!!!


Which is your recipe for gnocchi?

I like ravioli and risotto! Yummy!


Italian food is popular in India also.We have many Italian resturant.Most popular food is pizza and pasta.I like italian food and I make pizza,pasta and salad at home .

Italian foods are very famous all over the world additionally italian chefs are  rare & thay are paid high salaries. Specially they have grate value in middle east. I like ittalian pizza of couse spagatti too.

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